Essential oils are chemical extractions of different plant-material such as, stems, roots, bark, berries and seeds that are aromatic. The essential oils are the extractions that are non-water based. These essential oils are translucent and mostly either transparent or light blue in color.

Our body absorbs the essential oils quickly that enables us to experience the benefits on a faster pace.


Essential oils must be used carefully to avoid any type of problems if used incorrectly. Some essential oils are known to have a long shelf life and some have a short shelf life. Usually citrus essential oils get expired within six months of life shelf, whereas the floral oils last for a 12 months to 24 months.

The best way to keep the essential oils safe from damage caused by extreme heat or direct exposure of sunlight.

Therefore, store the essential oils safely in a cold and dark area to make sure it does not get damaged and its shelf life remains intact. Depending on the quality of the organic essential oil the price range of the products may vary.

Different types of essential oils can be extracted from the same plant. These organic essential oils have many medicinal uses and their benefits. For example, organic lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oil used as an anti-inflammatory medicine, known for reducing depression and heals bronchial problems, etc.

If you are looking for essential oil for your personal use then select organic essential oil provided by dependable and reputed suppliers, spa’s and beauty salons.

A word of caution about the false claims made by the organic essential oil manufacturers is they claim their product provides essential nutrients to the body. Whereas the truth is that the essential oils cannot provide nutrients to the body when applied.

The users of essential oil must understand that it should not be used neat on the skin neither taken orally. Before purchasing essential oil please make sure it does not cause any harm to you by inflating the existing medical condition and avoid the use of essential oil for pregnant women.