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Cucumber in itself is about 90% water. Apart from its widely known culinary properties, cucumber is a wonderful agent for promoting skin health. Cucumber has a very high percentage of water, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and Magnesium. The water extracted from cucumber is loaded with essential nutrients and it shares the same degree of Hydrogen like that of our skin.

The nutrients and cooling properties of Cucumber Water make it an excellent candidate as a primary ingredient for natural skin toner. Cucumber has a significant amount of Silica which strengthens skin tissues and provides added benefits to skin. The high level of Potassium in cucumber helps draw out excess fluid from skin cells. This very property plays an instrumental role in reducing eye bags and puffiness.

Cucumber Water has natural astringent property which helps in tightening skin pores. The cooling property and astringent property makes cucumber an effective toner for all skin types. Cucumber’s natural bleaching properties help lighten blemishes and tan. It also helps in reducing dark circles.

Cucumber water controls excessive oil secretion and at the same time provides healthy hydration to skin. This makes it ideal for using on every skin type and it finds place in natural toners for designed for different skin types. Its cooling property soothes, calms and nourishes skin to make it healthy, glowing and problem free.

Omorfee natural skin toners, for various skin types, makes wide use of pure cucumber water to tone and beautify skin, naturally!