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Youthful, smooth and glowing skin is something which everyone wants to possess and doesn’t want to let it fade away. The desire to look young and beautiful is surging every day. Having young, healthy and beautiful skin is also a manifestation of one’s internal health. Our skin speaks volumes about our body’s actual state.

best-anti-aging-serum2Nature has a plethora of various living organisms and each one has its own skin protecting mechanism from skin damaging factors like Sun, extreme temperature etc. that cause skin ageing. Harnessing such powerful natural substances and incorporating them in skin care products, shows marvelous effect on skin. Such miraculous substances can be procured from leaves, flowers, natural minerals and fresh water and marine water bodies. Nature is bountiful enough to heal us in every way and let’s appreciate it.

Seaweeds are like marine plants that are able to thrive in various adverse conditions and are resilient enough to come back to their healthy and sturdy form. The molecule behind this phenomenon has been harnessed to be used in natural anti ageing potions. Brown Sea weed and Golden Sea weed fall in the highest order in this category of seaweeds. They are rich in Polysaccharides, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, vitamins and trace minerals. They act at cellular level of skin, DNA and Dendritic Cells. They regulate cellular processes in skin tissues and prevent reactions that trigger skin ageing. Sun’s damaging effect is negated, helps in curbing harmful inflammatory reaction which cause ageing. The Polysaccharides along with other molecules reduce wrinkle depth and fine lines. Biologically optimized Guava and Olive Leaf extracts are known to make fight harmful radicals, enhance skin elasticity and hold more moisture in skin. Keratin, the main protein for skin cells, synthesis is enhanced and skin looks smoother, firmer and age defied.

Omorfee Revivify Anti Ageing Serum, a natural and organic anti ageing serum, harbors these exotic and efficacious ingredients for making skin that defies all signs of ageing!