A mother takes care of the possible and trusts god with the impossible. She understands what a child does not say. Until one becomes a mother, no one can tell what it feels like to love someone so deeply that you rejoice when they rejoice, ache when they ache. A mother’s love knows no laws and no pity. A mother knows that being a mom was worth every wrinkle, every stretch mark and all the sleepless nights. There is no bond as strong as pious and as strong and as true as a mother-child relationship. A mother believes that it is not her who gave the child the gift of life but it is the child who gave her the gift of life.

why_you_need_body_butterA mother compromises with nothing when it comes to her baby. Winter is the time when the winds lacks moisture and take water away from the skin cells making the skin to flake and peel off. The baby skin is too delicate and soft to be taken care of by the toxic chemical products that are available in the market.  Omorfee, understanding the emotions and love that a mother wants to shower her baby, blesses you with the Baby Body Butter which is exactly what your baby needs.

Be it a protein shake, a simple glass of warm milk, or a low fat yogurt, milk is and will continue to remain one of the healthiest food sources available. In fact, it is one of the most widely used food sources. Milk plays a very important role in overall nutrition and health. Knowing so many health benefits of skin, what could be better than a Body Butter which is enriched with Milk Extract? The Milk Kissed Baby Butter has everything to pamper your baby. It is enriched with Milk Extract, Kokum Butter which has essential fatty acids which are needed for a healthy skin, Virgin Coconut Oil and Orchid Flower Essential Oil which nourish, moisturize and soothe your skin.

Invest in Omorfee and let your baby glow in the care of the nature.