Do you’re busy and hectic schedule don’t let you take care of your skin? OMORFEE will surely be your saviour.


These days, people are deeply involved in their work lives and work really hard to improve their personal lives. Forget about the skin, today, people hardly get time to keep a check on if they are feeding their body with the right nutrients. OMORFEE is the one stop shop for people who are eco-conscious and eco-friendly and believe in a simple, healthy and organic lifestyle. It bestows us with the toxic-free yet botanically active Natural Cosmetic Products that heal your skin and helps it to rejuvenate. It bestows you with the wide range of Natural Cosmetic Products that organically pamper your skin organically.

1b3fb3aca862f9ac8215294e1709a898Omorfee provides you with the amazing Body Butters to prevent your skin from drying, Perfecting Facial Crème that not only prevents skin sensitivity but also protects and rejuvenates your skin. Therapies intend to heal; keeping this in mind Omorfee bestows you with Scalp Care Therapy, Skin Brightening Therapy and Mind De-Stressing Therapy to make your life easy and relaxing. While the Revivify Anti-Ageing Serum revives your youth, the Regenerative Eye Crème gives your eyes the lavishing look removing your dark circles. It provides you with the right Skin Toner for your skin type which lets your skin breathe by removing the dead skin layers. The Melting Hand Moisturiser and the Body Softening Moisturiser heal your skin by giving it the proper nourishment and keeps it younger looking. The Body Softening Oil makes you feel fresh for long and the Skin Body Polisher nourishes your skin and removes tanning from your skin. The Pedi Heal prevents your feet from the skin infections and give them a healthy glow. The Beard and Moustache Oil add to your “macho” look and nourish your beard hair. Give a finishing touch to your look by the hydrating Lip Salves and give your lips a lively look.


Omorfee is the new organic.