Fuzzy socks, a cup of hot coffee, comfy blankets; yes, winters! The most beautiful time of the year, when one can enjoy the chilly weather being thankful to the sun shining over him. The commencement of winters also announces the dryness of the skin. While hot showers feel like bliss in winters, it strips off the essential oils from your skin.

1-pcs-snow-white-emma-1997-pearl-whitening-body-lotion-perfumed-body-creams-for-women-andIf you are still confused in choosing the Right Body Crème for your Dry Skin then just believe in Omorfee which bestows you with a wide range of Body Butters that are absolutely perfect for almost every skin type. Body Butters are thicker than body lotions and unlike body lotions they don’t have a temporary effect instead the essential oils and nut butter in the Body Butters lock in moisture preventing dryness.

The Creamy Soft Nourishing Body Butter swears by its name and softens and deeply hydrates your skin. This Body Butter is enriched with Cocoa Butter, Collagen and also contains Almond Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil that promotes healthy tissue growth and prevents skin ageing and repairs the damaged skin.

Don’t let the winters make you hide under the sheets. Invest in Omorfee and flaunt your beauty