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Weddings are beautiful. The feeling you get when you see somebody and realise that a great adventure is going to happen. The enormous faith you put into somebody which doesn’t make things easier, but make things possible. It is when the idea of loving someone turns out artistic for you. Weddings are undoubtedly beautiful yet they are equally stressful. Everybody wants their wedding to be perfect even when it cannot be. Nothing can be “perfect” perfect, but if it is really true, then how should one deal with the uneasiness of the bride’s mind. What does a bride want? Believe me, it’s an easy one. All she wants is to feel like the most important woman in the world.


Though there is no key to attain perfection, there are still ways to help with perfection and Essential Oils are a huge part of this. What do Essential Oils do? Essential oils give emotional support and a scented burst of clarity and calm during stress. You can use the OMORFEE’s guide to get a glowing skin and who knows, it might become your signature scent.


1.    Lavender: It has great sleep inducing properties and it helps you mellow out as it is amazing for calming. It helps you to sleep the night before and calms you down the next morning.

2.    Bergamot:  It relaxes your mind and eases the tension of your mind.
3.    Clary Sage: It tackles stress and promotes deep relaxation.
4.    Ylang-Ylang: Its sweet floral fragrance stimulates blood circulation.
Omorfee’s Mind De-Stressing Therapy de-stresses your mind and gives you a relaxing experience which is enriched by the perfect blend of the above stated essential oils.

Wedding Essential Oils for Glowing Skin

1.    Frankincense and Myrrh Oil: a skin healer and slows down skin ageing.
2.    Turmeric and Lemon Oil: clears away skin impurities and detoxifies skin.
3.    Tea-Tree, CarrotSeed, SweetOrange: highly antiseptic and helps in skin regeneration.

Enjoy every minute of your journey with Omorfee.