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The hectic and busy schedule of your life hinders you from investing time in your skin. Spending a great time searching, testing and experimenting to get the desired glow on your face, but then ignoring your skin from the neck down? Omorfee is the reason why you won’t feel guilty for devoting time to your body like your face. In the times of stress, skin is the last tissue to receive nutrients because blood supply is first routed to heart and brain. Stress also leads to the production of oxidants on the skin that breaks down cells causing premature ageing.

New-BODY-SILK-with-Organic-Coconut-Oil-Organic-Jojoba-Pump-Spray-32-Oz-Also-Includes-Healthy-Sunflower-Grapeseed-Meadowfoam-for-Glowing-Natural-Skin-0-3.jpgWhile more hydration is needed in summer to keep your skin moisturized because of the constant exposure to the skin; the cold air and the lack of humidity in winters makes your skin drier. Body oils are the best way to keep the thirst of your skin quenched because they are thick and smooth. You might turn to body lotions first, but Organic Body Oils are a better alternative because they lock moisture in your skin for long hours where body lotions tend to rub off quickly.

Omorfee bestows you with the Body Softening Oil that is the after-shower oil that quickly penetrates your skin giving it an absolute matte finish. This certified Organic Body Oil contains the right portions of Essential Oils like Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil helps in alleviating the body aches and increases the function of joints as well.

Feel alive and fresh by letting omorfee to be your Stress-Buster.