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What is the first thing that you do when you introduce yourself to or meet a new person? Shake hands. What is the best to shower affection on your lover avoiding any “PDA”? Hold their hands. Our hands play a very important part in our lives starting from representing us. We use our hands for many basic things as well like eating, writing and performing many other important tasks for us. Hands, for many people are a symbol of their ability to do work. Maintaining their beauty is as important as maintaining their hygiene.

There is nothing as beautiful as nature and there can be no better cure than natural. Natural beauty is like benefitting from nature to have a glow in your skin which looks so natural. To let your hands glow in a natural way, you definitely reed the right organic Hand Lotion for your hands.

Omorfee bestows you with the amazing Melting Hand Moisturizer which isn’t just a Hand Lotion but an Organic Beauty Cream plus Lotion that not only hydrates your skin but pampers your beautiful hands in a way they deserve. The Kokum Butter and the Shea Butter in the product prevent the dryness of the skin while the Baobab, Jojoba and Olive Oil nourish and moisturize your skin. The Milk Extracts of this lotion impart glow and brightness to the skin.

Shower grace and elegance over your hands. Pamper your hands with Omorfee.