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Lips aren’t mere parts of our body, but more. Lips are the key to a person’s character as they not only give words to our sentiments, but they also shape the words of command, laugh, smile and suppress the weariness and pain.

123813a949373615016d8e6e0a9d866eLips are beautiful and so are the smiles. But sometimes they dry because of the moisture-lacking wintery winds, while sometimes they darken too either because of sun exposure, dehydration, lip cosmetics. When lips are such an important part of our lives which make our life a lot easier by doing absolutely so much for us. There is another reason why lips dry off so quick even after a regular use of lip balms. It is because some lip balms contain salicyclic acid crystals which cause lips to peel. Lips are delicate and deserve to be pampered. But as you just came to know that even some lip cosmetics and in fact some lip balms too are the reasons behind their darkening and their dryness. Now what? Don’t panic, go organic.

Green your beauty routine with omorfee and use their lip lightening Balm which not only helps in removing the discoloration in lips, but also acts as a natural sunscreen for your lips and helps your lips  to get back their natural lip colour. “Salve” literally means soothe. This salve by omorfee stays faithful to its name and soothes your lips till they heal. The organic contents of this salve which are cocoa butter, carrot-seed oil and sweet almond oil not only nourishes and soften your lips but also adds moisture to your lips. Apart from it, it also provides SPF and works as a natural sunscreen for your lips.

Smile because lips blush deeper sweets.