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November and December are the months that announce the commencement of winters. What good is the warmth of summer of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. Winter is when blankets, laziness, hot coffee become an integral part of our life. Extreme weathers have played havoc with our day to day lives as well as our personal lives. As it gets unbearably chilly, the moisture in the wind decreases and water is lost from the skin cells , leaving our skin sore , chapped and dry. With winters comes the responsibility to take care of your beautiful skin and keep it alive.

untitledBut can we use any body lotion out there for our skin? Can there be any harmful ingredients in those moisturizers that could affect our beautiful skin? Yes. Some of the moisturizers contain DMDM hydantoin which can be an irritant to eyes and skin or fragrance and parfum used in some moisturizers can cause reparatory allergies and asthma. Now what? Don’t panic, go organic.

OMORFEE presents to you creamy soft nourishing cocoa body butter , which is enriched with the organic oils of olive, almond and wheat gem. The natural vanilla essential oil and collagen extracts present in this body butter makes your skin soft, healthy and nourished. It not only repairs your damaged skin , but also promotes healthy tissue growth and prevents skin ageing. This product by OMORFEE gives you all that your skin needs this winter season.

You no more have to bother about the effect of the chemicals on your skin. OMORFEE will take care of you. Just worry about enjoying the hot cocoa in fuzzy socks. Sounds right, doesn’t it?