Have you tested gazillions of products, but not able to find the extreme solution for the dryness of the skin? Don’t worry because Omorfee is there to help you out.


The Omorfee’s Silky Smooth Hydrating Body Butter has the key ingredient of Shea Butter which is retrieved  in the purest form. The Shea butter has the upper hand over other chemical products and some of the benefits are listed below.

  1. a) Shea Butter acts as a tremendous moisturizer for the body and face.
  2. b) The organic Shea Butter protects from the harmful UV radiation of the sun.
  3. c) It helps to perpetuate the elasticity of the body which restricts the appearance of the wrinkles and the signs of ageing
  4. d) After the exposure of the skin under the sun, Shea Butter proves to be a great remedy.

The other ingredients which are used in the product are Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Organic Olive Oil. Each ingredient has its own benefits and they all work in sync to carry out smoother and softer skin.

You will fall in love with this product after the magical results on the skin and body.