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Lip Balm is the best friend of every girl. Girls love to own in different shades and flavor as it offers various benefits rather than just hydrating your lips. Here are the nine reasons to share why girls are obsessed with lip balms.

1) Lip Balms can give the natural tint to your lips without applying any lipsticks.


2) They are inexpensive and handy. It’s a must have in their bags.


3) Enhances your pout for your selfies!


Friend: ‘Selfie?’

Girls: ‘Let me put lip balm on!’

4) It comes in a variety of shades and fragrance. So, girls still have different options.


 5) Chapped lips are a turn off! So, girls love to keep it hydrate for all day long.


6) Lip Balms are easier to apply even without a mirror.


Just turn around and lip balm is popped out and apply! So easy!

7) Bestows the protection against the harmful UV radiation.


8) Lip balms and Kajal are able to create the ‘no-make-up’ look.


9) Girls are always thankful for the tremendous invention of Lip balm.


Have you tried gazillions of lip balms and still facing the situation like this?


Omorfee lip balms are the ultimate solution to all your lip woes. Made only with purely natural and certified ingredients, it is a trove of nourishment for your lips. Right from pure cocoa butter, shea butter to real fruit extracts. Omorfee lip balms are safe, cruelty free, natural, organic, delectable and highly nourishing treat for your lips.

Omorfee offers three products which include Lip Lightening Salve, Rose Tinted Salve and Hydrating Lip Salve which works as per your requirements of your lips.

Try them and notice the change in your lips.

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