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Several brands and products can make your choice a little tricky, right? If you are facing the same issue then Omorfee launched a product exclusively for your little angel. Omorfee is formulated with 100% of organic ingredients which is safe for the sensitive skin of your little one.


Omorfee’s Milk Kissed Baby Butter is contrived of the ingredients such as Kokum Butter, Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, Cold Pressed Almond Oil, Orchid Flower Essential Oil and extracts of the goodness of milk.

Kokum Butter is infused with the fatty acids which is required by the infant’s skin. Due to the high content of the oleic, palmitic as well as the stearic acid makes it a whole care protection for the baby skin. The Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is more the nourishment, moisturization as well as for the smooth and velvety soft skin. Cold Pressed Almond Oil is enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E which bestows the proper hydration to the skin of baby. The goodness of calcium, magnesium and zinc is dwelled in the Orchid Flower Essential oil which boost the immunity of skin.

Pamper your  precious gift from the heaven with Omorfee’s best baby lotion.