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Radiant and younger looking skin is the result of the best skin care routine. The first step for the glowing skin is to even out the skin tone that will help to fight all the blemishes on your face. From dark spots to freckles, Omorfee’s Skin Brightening And Clarifying Essential Oil Therapy proves to be the Elixir for the face.


The perfect blend of essential oils not only works on reducing acne but also shows tremendous results in reducing the signs of ageing. It is infused with Frankincense Essential Oil, Myrrh and Carrot Seed Oil. These are the exotic ingredients which are responsible for the rejuvenating the skin as well as maintain the healthy skin regeneration. The usage of Tea Tree Oil as well as Lemon oil acts against as a barrier against the acnes and fights from pimples. The Sweet Orange Oil is contrived of Vitamin C which promotes the skin cell regeneration and detoxification. Lavender Essential Oil helps in improving the blood circulation, which brightens up the skin by bestowing the natural glow to the face.

Lighten your age spots and hyperpigmentation with Omorfee products!