Cleansing Milk can cleanse your clogged pores and leaving your skin deeply moisturized. Omorfee has launched the Olive Cleansing Milk which is perfect for the dry skin and remove the traces of the dead skin from the face. The gentle formulation of this product makes your skin hydrating for all day long and the best part is that it is contrived of the exotic as well as 100% of organic ingredients in the bottle.


Firstly Olive Oil, secondly Almond Oil, thirdly Lavender Essential Oil and then Clary Sage Essential Oil. These ingredients are blended in such a way to cast a spell on your face. You might have tried everything to take off the makeup from your face. But nothing works out. Let’s be honest, we all have been there. Thanks to Omorfee’s Olive Cleansing Milk. It turns to be a friend indeed, because within a few wipes, it removes the makeup from the face without making the skin dry or causing redness. Olive Oil and Almond Oil, undo the effect of the colour which absorbs the moisture from your body making it dry. Lavender Essential Oil and Clary Sage Essential Oil helps to hydrate, moisture and nourish the skin deeply.