Your hands should be clean before eating anything, clothes must be clean before stepping out of your place, clean house so that you don’t fall sick and a clean face before getting the absolute right make-up look.


From removing your make-up to removing your dead skin cells, from removing excess of oil in the skin to removing all the dirt from your face, from helping in unclog pores to preventing acne, from boosting the hydration to maintaining healthy skin; there aren’t much things left to what a Cleanser can’t do. When it comes to choosing skin care products, we choose them keeping in mind our skin type. And if your skin is dry, smile, for now you have Olive Cleansing Milk by OMORFEE. It’s enriched with Olive Oil, Almond Oil and effective Coconut Derivative that cleans away the dirt and grime.

 Being completely devoid of harmful chemicals, it not just cleanse and nourish your skin but also keep your skin healthy in future.  The natural essential oils in this product, like Lavender Essential Oil and Clary Sage Essential Oil soothe and hydrate your skin after eradicating the impurities, making it the best and most effective Cleanser for Dry Skin. The best time of the day to cleanse your skin, though anytime, is in the morning and without fail  at night to keep your face healthy.

 For Omorfee is like a boon to your skin