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No matter how much late we are for the office, how much of a hurry we are in; each one of us loves to take the last glance of herself before leaving her place. We slap on Moisturiser on our face to keep up with dryness but, what about the lips? What are you even doing to keep up the roughness and dryness away from your lips?


If you haven’t got much time to take care of yourself or even if you are too lazy to do it, OMORFEE will happily take care of your lips for you. When you can have the best, why waste time on rest? Omorfee bestows upon you a bucket of miracle and magic which contains the Best Natural Lip Balms for you. Tone down the discoloration of your lips, for Lip Lightening Salve is the Best Natural Lip Balm for discolouration of lips, caused due to any extrinsic factor, like smoking, illness or sheer lack of attention. Hydrate your lips with the Best Hydrating Lip Salve which will super-moisturise your lips. Last but definitely not the least, the Rose Tinted Lip Salve, enriched with Beetroot Extracts make your lips lively and Pink, which will make you ditch your chemical lip gloss..
Step out and pout it Out with OMORFEE.