Hot showers give us an orgasmic feeling! Hot showers to your body is what massage is to your head. Coming home and taking a hot shower makes your day, at least the end of your day, peaceful and relaxing. But these showers, which are blessing to your body, turn out to be a curse to your skin. Too much of anything, may it be hot or cool showers, leave your skin dry and flaky thus misbalancing the natural oils of your body that keep your skin young. So, give up on hot showers? No, instead adapt OMORFEE’s Natural and Organic Olive Oil to see and feel the change in you.


OMORFEE bestows upon you the BODY SOFTENING OIL, which works in miraculous ways and enhances blood circulation and revitalizes your skin. The environment-friendly and recyclable Bottle of this amazing After Shower Oil is filled with Organic ingredients, Essential Fatty Acids, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil and mainly Organic Olive Oil. Olive Oil helps in restoring the skin smoothness and prevents your skin from premature-ageing. There is more to it. The best part about this lovely Body Oil is that it instantly gets absorbed in your skin.

OMORFEE assures you to make you fall in love with your skin.