Pollution has a severe impact on our environment as well as on the human skin. The pollutants are instantly sunk in the layer of the skin and alter the entire body by deteriorating the cells. So, it is really essential to shield your face from external toxins.


Omorfee Perfecting Facial Crème is unified with the exotic organic ingredients to give an impeccable touch on your face that includes Echium Oil, Turmeric Oil, Strawberry Extracts and Green Tea Extracts. The crème acts as a protection mask whilst hydration and evens the skin tone for the pearly healthy glow that lasts long. It instantly penetrates into the each layer of the skin by making it more radiant, improves the skin tone and enhances the skin texture. It maintains the collagen production and protects against the free radical damage to the skin. The ingredients protect the skin from the harmful UV radiations from the sun and pollution.

The product is not just a Perfecting Facial Crème, it is the best face cream which is loaded with solution to overcome skin problems.
It is the perfect thirst quencher for your facial needs whenever you need to bring out the big guns.